Dem Koreans

You know what? I think there is something wrong with them Koreans.

I was watching Sponge on KBS last night. One of the information shown was that you can stop a potential sneeze by pinching your nose. The personalities were again so wacky I was laughing so hard.

Anyway, about the information: hello? I think I know this since I was in elementary. And they only knew that now?


And on an another show, (I think the title was The Golden Bell or something), there were 100 students, and they were asked a series of questions, and those who commit a mistake were eliminated.

The first question involved an object. The students were asked to hold the object and then they were to identify what it was.

One burly male was asked by the hosts to state his answer and explain why.

“This is an object for breaking,” he said.

The host asked, “Why do you think so?”

“Because it was made in China!” (WTFQ?!)

The host then asked him to break it. The stupid kid obliged by hitting the object to his head.


Well, try hitting your head with a sharpening stone.

Koreans. Tsk. They’re like Filipinos.

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