Abalos Resign!

The Fortress by the Pasig is still adamant about the National Broadband Network-ZTE deal: Malacañang will not cancel NBN deal with ZTE. Now it issues a gag order on the deal, and it refuses to open the contract to public scrutiny. If the contract/deal is above-board, why don’t they show it to the Senate?

And now, talks of impeaching Benjamin Abalos Sr., chair of Comelec and said to be the facilitator of the questionable deal swirls around, with the House minority preparing to file an impeachment complaint in 2-4 weeks time. But as always, they are slow: the ever-nuisance Oliver Lozano already has an impeachment complaint ready. Abalos must be smiling in relief now.

Realistically, you cannot impeach Abalos; with the current House composition, transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate is like wishing for the national debt to be forgiven. What needs to be done is to force him to resign; however, the chances of success are slim, what with Abalos’ character. If he had delicadeza and honor at all, he would have turned down the appointment.

Still, forcing him to resign is still a viable option. Maybe I should call on the mob called the blogosphere? Yes, I am kidding on the previous statement, but let us consider another shame campaign. I don’t care what you say about Abalos, I don’t care at all.

Why should he resign?

1. The botched poll automation. The Supreme Court ordered the Mega Pacific automation deal scrapped, and it had even ordered the Ombudsman to file cases against Comelec officials. The Ombudsman, not as independent as we want it to be, passively defies the High Court. If Abalos is a honorable man, he should have resigned at this point. But no.

2. The Hello Garci scandal. Nuff said.

3. The 2007 elections. Not content with the almost-botched 2004 special operations, this year’s spec-ops were more open, the cheating was obvious and done in the open. Yet, he had the audacity to say everything went ok?

4. The ZTE deal. Here is the pinnacle of Abalos’ shameful acts. He admitted to everything except f*ck*ng with the ZTE officials! Going to trips to China on ZTE’s expense? Check. Playing golf with ZTE officials? Check. Talking to ZTE officials? Check. The question now is: WHY?

Yes, I am calling for his resignation. Yes, I am calling for his impeachment. How about you? If you want corruption to stop, you have to put your foot down. Make a stand. Start by calling for his resignation and/or impeachment. Start by blogging. Start by spreading the word.

7 thoughts on “Abalos Resign!

  1. Hi, Jhay, blog about it. Spread the word.

    Hi, Arthur, his antics are, but goodluck if the administration will charge him for that.

    Hi, Josh, he can’t even hit a birdie, much more an eagle.

    Hi, Chuck, I don’t think so. Remember what Abalos said? He talked to ZTE in behalf of his son/daughter(?) regarding some importation matters.

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