Pitiful, 2 (or Malu Fernandez, again)

The subject of a blog post here is at it again. Let me reiterate what I had said then:

As much as I want to react to her ramblings, I cannot. I should say, I will not. Because if I do, this post will turn into the most virulent, and trash-talk filled post ever.

Right now, I pity two people, both of them society columnists who wrote only about who’s rich and who went to what party. They treat those who they feel are inferior to them with disdain and contempt. I pity them because what they write reflects on the shallowness of their minds, the corruptness of their souls, the emptiness of their hearts. I pity them because the more they speak up against their fellow men, the more they lose their humanity.

Just an additional thought: she said this “I’m always a glass half full kinda girl anyway…” My question, madam, is simple: If you are a glass-half-full girl, how come you ranted against your own in that plane on that fateful day? I rest my case, your honor.

No, I will not react to it anymore. Let others do so, and the following did more eloquently that I can ever do:

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