Question of the Day: Dealing with price increases

I know everyone is reeling from the almost daily price increases, and most of us wee office workers have to scrimp and save to make ends meet. And with salaries going nowhere (unless you go some place else), our expense lists tend to be slashed – I mean, we slash the expenses that are not really important in order to fit the important ones in our budget.

For me, it is the transportation budget that gets the biggest hit – this item is directly affected by the weekly price increases in gasoline and diesel. I am now exploring the most efficient route to take going to and from the office, while at the same time I won’t be late when I go to work and I won’t have to suffer from the stress called MRT twice a day. It is actually a tradeoff issue, but as long as the budget holds, I am OK, I guess.

The first casualty in the list is entertainment. This is not really a big issue, since for this year, I had only seen one movie (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian), and I am not big into entertaining anyway.

So I have two questions for you:

1. How do you cope with the price increases?
2. What is the cheapest way to entertain nowadays?


Question of the day: The perfect rainy day snack

As it is about to rain here in the lake called Caloocan (and I am hungry), here is a good question to ask:

What is the perfect rainy day snack?

Leave your answer at the comments.


Question of the Day: Garlic breath

One of the perils of eating food rich with garlic is the so-called garlic breath.

How do you deal with garlic breath after eating?