High blood

After the medical exam last Friday, I was distraught. For the first time, I have high blood pressure.
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I had a medical exam last February, and my blood pressure was 130/80. Last Friday, three different nurses took my BP each: 140/90, 150/90, and 150/80. I got a sermon from the doctor who made the physical examination (valid excuse for molestation he he), telling me to avoid oily, salty, sweet food – basically all of them. The doc wanted me to starve to death!

Anyway, I am distraught. After all, I have just started delving into food blogging, and then this.

What a one month hiatus can do to your health.

Tomorrow, I will be a Makati boy officially. That means more MRT woes, and double them (since I would be taking the MRT both ways now). As exercise, I promise to walk from the PBCOM Tower to the Ayala MRT Station.

Oh well, wish me luck.

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Happy father’s day 2008!

Well, that’s me with my dad Armando right after my graduation from kindergarten. This was so centuries ago. Anyway, happy father’s day to all the dads in the world.



For almost every week nights, I’ve been watching CSI and CSI:Miami on Fox Crime (due to circumstances that I hope I could share sometime soon). I also try to watch CSI Supreme Sunday over AXN. Well, I think it’s too much CSI already, specially if you dream about it.

So last night I had a CSI dream. It was weird, because at one point in the dream, there was a discussion about a power interruption, and I woke up. The electric fan was dead. There was indeed a power interruption. It lasted for a few minutes only, then went back to sleep and some sex-related dreams, which propriety does not allow me to share to you, even if you are most curious about it. Sorry.

Speaking of CSI, have you noticed that among the three leaders of the CSI teams, David Caruso’s character is the non-geeky? At least Gary Sinise’s character (Mac Taylor in CSI:New York) can do geeky stuff and act macho; William Petersen’s (Gil Grissom of CSI) is too geeky (and witty, I must say) – understandable since the character is supposed to hold a PhD. But I think Caruso’s Horatio Caine cool. When a CSI:Miami episode starts, I always exclaim “Caruso!” Well, he reminds me of Fernando Poe Jr.

And how we wish our SOCO has crime labs like those shown on TV.


Oil companies are evil!

So last Monday, I hitched a ride with a former officemate. We had to refill gas at a gas station (where else), and so the driver told the gas boy to fill up Php 300 worth of diesel. How many liters of diesel would Php 300 get?

I knew it! Oil companies are eveel!


Snapping out of hiatus

Well, after a week of refraining from blogging, and after some time of thinking, I have decided to snap out of hiatus and go back to blogging.

While it will not be as frequent as before, I will try my best to stick to my posting schedule. However, I might have to decommission the tech blog.

So here’s to more blog posts, more comments, and more tweets!


arbet + math = fail

I’m no good at Math. I have horrible memories of math within my lifetime as a student. There are those tears generated by trigonometry (and a teacher whose surname in English means “choosy”) to a failing grade because I forgot the date of the finals of my mathematical methods subject. There were instructors with terrible and terrifying reputations; Math teachers who inevitably gives failing marks to half of the class (or worst, 3/4 of the class); and those who love the blackboards so much, they don’t bother looking at their students.

There are two vivid memories that always comes to mind when I think of Math.

Grade VI. Our math teacher was holding a demonstration for some other teachers from the division. It was the application time of the lesson, after the lecture, where we were asked to answer several problems. If we were done, we had to go in front, and check our work; the answers were written on a movable blackboard, its back on us.

So there I was, pretending to be answering the problems, when this teacher was nosy enough to look at my work. And since I was just doodling, I was troubled enough to cover it, as if she was a desperate classmate who wanted to copy my answers. Embarrased, I stood up and went to the blackboard, pretending that I was done with the problems. So much for honesty.

A decade later, I was in college already, and I had this subject called statistics. We had this quiz about permutation, combination, and probability. So there was this problem involving the seven dwarves. Yeah, Snow White’s seven dwarves. Basically the problem was how much work would Sleepy do if the others were doing this and that number. I was stumped by the numbers, so I answered: “None, because he is too sleepy to do anything.”

Too bad the teacher did not even appreciate the humor. Unlike this one:

Do you have any memorable Math subject experience?


Happy mother’s day 2008!

Arbet and mom

That’s me and my mom (her name is Bernadette, but relatives and friends call her Bebot), decades ago. I think I was in elementary school when this picture was taken – late 1980s.

To all the mothers in the world, and most specially to my mom (I heart my mom): happy mother’s day!

Aileen Apolo
Liz Cochico
Noemi Dado
Dine Racoma
Janette Toral


Me as little loser

That is how it would look like if I were made to be a little loser graphic. And most prolly no one would buy a shirt with my face on it. What a loser.

Last Tuesday, David and Goliath launched in the Philippines a new line of shirts called Little Losers. This line of shirt features graphic images about character stereotypes imbued with David and Goliath’s sense of humor. And what better way to launch it than a night of losers coming together, laughing at the antics of an improv group? That’s what happened at Mag:Net Cafe at Bonifacio High Street, with the Silly People Improv Theater (SPIT) leading the losers.

The head loser that night was Gabe Mercado (who my mom likes), who kept everyone laughing with his jokes. He was ably helped by the other losers from SPIT. And there’s no better fun than fun at the expense of others (yeah, I know, I’m mean). The best way to do this is through games. Just ask the three sets of people who were made to kiss Kenneth the Mr. Fart Face. The most kissed part? The elbow. Wacky, I know.

And then the Chicken Mafia striked again.

Fresh from their success at iBlog, the gang infiltrated the losers to prove that the people there were losers. Shedding his chicken suit, Arthur (aka Philos) mowed the audience with his “stupid” questions, and he was rewarded with laughters. Embarrassing? He did went home with a prize, so guess who’s laughing when the event was over? Mission accomplished for Chicken Mafia.

Anyway, you can get a Little Loser shirt (for men and women) for Php 995 at their stores in Bonifacio High Street, Powerplant Mall, TriNoma, Robinsons Place Manila Midtown, Greenbelt 5, and Rustan’s Makati.


Me at the Fotoloco booth

The Chicken Mafia at the Fotoloco booth

(photos taken using Nokia N93)

And here’s a video taken after the event by Jeff Teknostik using Nokia N93:
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One for Bloggers Da Who

Well, not really, but I found it really funny. Sorry, Bloggers Da Who.

Found this at the April 30, 2008 issue of Commuter Express (formerly Manila Standard Express):

(With apologies to The Jester-in-Exile.)


I am a coward

I am such a coward.

I believe some bloggers were expecting fireworks at a previous event, but nothing of that sort happened. Why? Because I am a coward.

Honestly, I knew nothing would come out of it. If that person is worth his salt, all that person would say is “no comment.” Most probably that person’s lawyer has already sternly instructed that person to shut up. So yeah, it would be pretty useless.

Also, we have to use the word “alleged” when we refer to that person. And there’s the rub. We keep on attaching the “alleged” tag, when most likely that person is guilty. After all, that person tried to derail administrative proceedings, right? After all, that person refused to cooperate with the authorities, right? If that person is not guilty, shouldn’t that person exert all effort to clear his/her name?

All things being said, I am still a coward.